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2 Kids Interview!

I had the honor and privilege to sit down and chat with the incredible readers of 2 Kids Interviews! Check out our chat about book ideas, writing advice, and why all us authors seem to be buddies (even though we’re kinda, sorta in competition with each other).


If you’re a writer, and Abigail or Meghan come callin’, say YES!

GHOUL Book Trailer!

Special thanks to Dan Haring for the video editing work, and to Larissa Brown Marantz and Brian Edward Miller for their incredible artwork!


Dressing up as a ghoul to keep a local legend alive is all well and good.

At least, until it attracts the attention of the world’s most deadly and successful monster hunter. When Barl Shumpeter arrives in Windydown Vale and proclaims that the Ghoul is his next bounty, Copper Inskeep will have to worry about protecting more than just his little town’s secret…

Barl Shumpeter, and all this week’s character art reveals, would not be possible without the talents of Larissa Brown Marantz (https://larissamarantz.com/). Preorder your signed, personalized copy of THE GHOUL OF WINDYDOWN VALE from RJ Julia Independent Bookstores HERE and register for the FREE VIRTUAL launch event on 1/25 at 7:00 PM Eastern HERE


Among the more peculiar quirks of Windydown Vale is its mayor. Or, rather, its mayors…there are three of them, you see, each one stranger than the last. Of course, they do share a trait or two: They’re old. They like their wine and their tea and their gossip. They adore Copper Inskeep.

And they know he’s the Ghoul of Windydown Vale.

THE GHOUL OF WINDYDOWN VALE is available for preorder now, and on sale 1/25/2022. Preorder your signed, personalized copy HERE and register for the free virtual book launch event, hosted by RJ Julia Independent Booksellers, HERE.

Art Credit: Larissa Brown Marantz (https://larissamarantz.com/)

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