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Unconscious, bleeding, and carried by a terrified horse, Annabelle arrives in Windydown Vale as more than just a mystery. She’s a threat to everything Copper Inskeep has tried so hard to hide. She claims she and her father were attacked by the Ghoul, you see. She barely escaped, hurtling through the swamps and briars. Her father? Not so lucky. It’s a tragic story for certain, and one that sits all kinds of wrong with Copper. After all, he IS the Ghoul, and he’s never seen this girl before…

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Art Credit: Larissa Brown Marantz (https://larissamarantz.com/)


Meet Liza Smith. If you’re going to hide Windydown Vale’s biggest and darkest secret, you’re going to want her on your side. Strong, fierce, and a genius with a hammer (or two…), Liza is the best friend Copper Inskeep needs. She could be more, too, if Copper ever gets his head out of the mud long enough to see it…

More GHOUL OF WINDYDOWN VALE character reveals all this week, featuring the art of Larissa Brown Marantz (https://larissamarantz.com/index.html). Preorder your signed & personalized copy of GHOUL here: https://www.rjjulia.com/signed-personalized-ghoul-windydown-vale-jake-burt

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Fourteen-year-old Copper Inskeep is the pride of Windydown Vale. Everyone knows he’s the affable, hard-working son of the town’s innkeepers. Very few also know his dark secret: that he’s the Ghoul, Windydown’s own local legend. Every night, Copper dons a gruesome costume and prowls the swamp surrounding the Vale. It keeps wanderers from stumbling into the dangerous bogs, scares bandits away, and makes sure travelers steer their way toward the inn at the center of town, rather than saving a few coins by camping in the swamp. It’s a dangerous double life, but Copper’s managing it well enough…

…at least, until the world’s most renowned monster hunter shows up in Windydown and proclaims he’s going to “solve” its Ghoul problem…

Art Credit: Larissa Brown Marantz (https://larissamarantz.com/index.html)

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